About Me

I love creating arts that touch someone’s heart. The person could be my husband, my sons, and family in Japan or even complete strangers.

I am a photographer, author, and scrapbooking artist with a vibrant passion for creativity that can be seen in all of my work. I graduated from the University of California San Diego with B.S in Visual Arts in 2007.

To be honest, my part-time photographer job has just begun. My friends and family have been commenting on my skill as a portrait photographer that I have been asked to take portraits for not only them but others as well—so I decided to explore the idea of pursuing photography as more than just a hobby.

I love scrapbooking. I started documenting my life through scrapbooking in 2003 because of my passion for creating art with photos. My passion for scrapbooking opened a new world for me as a writer as well.

Creative Digital Scrapbooking Designer
I originally started creating my scrapbooking layouts with paper and photos but converted myself as a digital scrapbooking artist in 2009. I am currently creating digital scrapbooking layouts for SahlinStudio.Com as a part of the Creative Team.


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