Happy 11th Birthday Keynenn!

Gosh. I cannot believe it has been 11 years since this boy arrived in this world.  Without a doubt, it has been the greatest years for both Bun and me.  

Keynenn is a great kid. Not the best student in the class (academically) but he does have a heart of gold especially for animals and those who are on the streets. 

Thus month, it finally marked that his feet are officially bigger than mine.  By next year, his height will most definitely outgrow mine.  I cannot keep up with some of the vocabularies he is learning at school.  Forget about math and science as we finally decided to hire a private tutor, who Keynenn loves.  Yes. He is growing way fast!!!!! 

My parents never told me how touched you get every birthday celebration of your children. Every year is a result of accumulated miracles… Having our sons growing happy and healthy means more than anything to us right now. 

On top of all these blessing, God gave me sons who tell me how much they love Bun and me ALL THE TIME.  This fact alone makes me cry with tears of happiness just writing about it. 

I love you Keynenn. I am so happy and proud to be your mom. You are such a treasure.  Happy 11th Birthday!  You will be off to the middle school this year!  Wow. 



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