Happy 2016!

あけましておめでとうございます。 初日の出・・・ 起きれなかったよ。 でも朝日を浴びてきました!

ジェイクはブンと一緒に念願のスターウォーズの映画をやっとこさ見に行ってきました。 その間私とルークはブーマーズへ。

夜は友達の家に遊びに行ってちょっとした新年のお祝いをしました。 いい日だったなー。

Happy New Year!  I wanted to see the first sunrise of 2016, but I was not able to get up early enough.  However, I received a shower of the beautiful sunlight shortly after the sunrise.

Jake went to see the new Star Wars movie with Bun, and Luke and I went to Boomers.  In the evening, we were invited for a small get together with our family friends.  Had a great day!



Jake LOVES Star Wars Battle Front game.  Sadly, it’s not his but his bestie B’s.



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