Kula Sushi

I found this one in my draft!  This is from July…  7月に書いたブログ発見!


We finally made it here as a family!  Jake really wanted Bun to try this fun restaurant since the last time.  


You will DIFENETELY need tablets so that kids can wait without being super bored. 待ち時間長いからタブレットは必需品。


They now have this touchpad wait list. It’s cool because you know instantly how many parties are in from of you. 

このタッチパネルのウェイトリスト最高。 何人待ってるか分かるしテキストメッセージで待ち時間が数分ごとに更新されるので待ち時間予測に便利です。 


  Loved Hokkaido special menu. 北海道スペシャルのメニューは好物ばっかりでした!


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