February 2015 Sketch by Miyuchi

My friend Miyuchi whose heart is so dedicated for creating wonderful scrapbook pages produces gorgeous template/sketch every month.  I try to make one layout using her design monthly because I just LOVE what she makes.  I met her in 2004 when I just started scrapbooking.  I cannot remember exactly how I found her, but I am sure we communicated through one of the scrapbooking sites where I used to spent great deal of time getting information for scrapbooking as well as being inspired by so many great scrapbookers.

So here it is.  I used her February 2015 design on the layout below.  Isn’t her composition just amazing?  I am always attracted to scrapbook pages that have well-balanced elements, and hers are totally that!



思えば彼女との出会いは今から11年前になります。 スクラップブッキングを始めたばかりのころ、どこかのオンラインサイトで情報交換をする掲示板かなにかで出会ったと思います。

Miyuchiさんのデザインの素晴らしさは、とのかくバランス! 私自身がカチカチのバランス派なので、彼女のきっちりしたデザインがまさに私好みで、どのデザインを使わせていただいても、かなり満足のいくレイアウトが作れます。




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