Jake’s Early Birthday Party

Jake’s 10th birthday will be tomorrow (Monday) so we decided to have a party yesterday. Being the first day of the week and it’s also my second bible study night, I can easily imagine tomorrow night would be too hectic for us to celebrate Jake’s birthday with a party.
Jake liked the idea of having his favorite friends over so he didn’t mind for this early party at all.
Loved seeing great smiles and listening all the boys laughing (and screaming), having so much fun. The party lasted from 2 pm to 8 pm and we were all exhausted after that. But Jake wanted to start his new Lego sets so he begged to stay up late. I went to sleep early with Luke so I have no idea how late Jake and Bunnan stayed up…








月曜は平日だし、加えて会社の後に聖書勉強会があるので、ジェイクに相談したところ土曜に決定.。 仲の良いお友達を数人招待して、家でマインクラフトのゲームパーティをしました。
ゲームのほかは、パーラービーズでマインクラフトグッズを作ったり、男の子らしい戦いごっこ(警察官 vs 泥棒 とか ゾンビ vs 人間とか) いろいろ遊んでました。
ジェイクは遅くまでブンちゃんと一緒に起きて新しいレゴを組み立て始めてました。 わたしはルークと一緒に先の寝かせてもらいましたよー。


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