Jake’s Early Birthday Party

Jake’s 10th birthday will be tomorrow (Monday) so we decided to have a party yesterday. Being the first day of the week and it’s also my second bible study night, I can easily imagine tomorrow night would be too hectic for us to celebrate Jake’s birthday with a party.
Jake liked the idea of having his favorite friends over so he didn’t mind for this early party at all.
Loved seeing great smiles and listening all the boys laughing (and screaming), having so much fun. The party lasted from 2 pm to 8 pm and we were all exhausted after that. But Jake wanted to start his new Lego sets so he begged to stay up late. I went to sleep early with Luke so I have no idea how late Jake and Bunnan stayed up…







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Pocky Helps


Luke was sad after the fight with Jake so I gave him a pack of Pocky (Japanese snack, chocolate covered pretzels).



Okay.   It’s been a while since my last fasting but I finally decided to do “juice fasting” (also known as “juice cleansing”) starting on Monday.

Today is the second day, and I remember it as the hardest day during the process, but it doesn’t feel as bad as I remembered.

I bought 6 bottles of Trader Joe’s Cold Press Juice (2 ea. of Green, Red, and Yellow) instead of making my own.

The reason for fasting with joule is mainly to detox my body which has been seriously abused from overeating holiday food.  I mean, it’s been TERRIBLE especially with all kinds of sweets.  I didn’t feel good at all after the New Year’s day.

Year-Crossing Noodles

I had to look up the word 年越し蕎麦 in Eijiro dictionary app. It really doesn’t sound right but I guess it can give us some idea of what it is. Eating “the year-crossing noodles” has always been my favorite. My mom makes killer broth but she decided not to come to the US this winter.
Nijiya was super crowded. I had never seen the place so packed!